The Ploce Port Authority’s mission is to ensure maximum positive effects and safety of the management and use of public resources at its possession, while managing the core business processes: development management, port area maintenance and security, port area commercialization management and management and supervision of the port use.

All efforts are directed towards creating optimal business conditions, as well as achieving a competitive service package, and controlled price and quality ratio. Fundamental commitment and goal is to contribute to the development of the port area, city, region and the whole country, and to achieve the full satisfaction of the interested stakeholders.

The mission is achieved through the following tasks and activities:


  • Management of the construction, maintenance, protection and development of maritime domain that represents the port area;
  • Construction and maintenance of port infrastructure and suprastructure;
  • Technical supervision of the construction, maintenance, management and protection of the port area (port infrastructure and superstructure);
  • Ensure permanent and uninterrupted port traffic, technical and technological unity and safe navigation;
  • Enable services of general interest or for which there is no economic interest of other economic entities;
  • Coordinate and supervise the concessionaires who performing economic activities in the port area;
  • Manage the port free zone in accordance with free zones regulations.


The Port Authority will contribute through the projects to the high efficiency of Ploče Luke and Luke Metković, which will create the prerequisites for the port of Ploče to be particularly international importance for the Central European market as a regional logistics center.


The primary focus on creating and securing conditions for efficient management of maritime good. Creating prerequisites for the transformation of the port from the overhead port in the regional logistics center where, apart from applying modern technologies, providing various distribution and additional services on the goods that run through the port. Focus on providing the conditions for creating a sustainable port management system based on the quality management system and the environmental management system, which will ensure the conditions for the port of the Ploče to be equal participant of the European Market.

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