Ploce Port Authority implemented the Trade and Transport Integration Project (TTI Project) in the period 2005-2016.

The main goal of the project was the development of the trade along Corridor Vc by increasing the capacity, efficiency and quality of services at the southern end of the Corridor Vc with particular emphasis on the development of the Ploce port and coordination between all corridor users.

Improvement of the corridor was planned to be achieved by:

  • Building a new terminal for bulk cargo, reconstructing and converting the existing bulk cargo terminal into the container terminal and improving port infrastructure;
  • Establishing the electronic community system by integrating all stakeholders operating in Ploce Port into a common community and information system;
  • Developing services required for successful implementation of the project (audit, procurement), implementing Port Authority’s business plan and granting concessions for new terminals.

The total value of the TTI Project amounted to EUR 108.8 million and it was financed on the basis of an Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

 In accordance with the national legislation and the World Bank policies, the Environmental Impact Study was developed for the Container and the Bulk Cargo Terminal, and the environmental assessment impact procedure was carried out with conclusion that both projects are environmentally acceptable with the application of environmental protection measures and environmental monitoring program, all in order to achieve the highest possible environmental quality.

Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment

Ecology – Construction of a Container Terminal
Ecology - Construction of a Bulk Cargo Terminal
Ecology - Other infrastructure subprojects
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