Development of the port area


One of the basic activities of the Port of Ploče Authority is to build, maintain, manage, protect and improve the maritime domain that represents the port area in Ploče and Metković in order to create all the prerequisites for optimal use and valorisation of such a significant resource as the port area.

Regular investments in infrastructure enable regular activities in the port area by using port capacities, so in that sense funds are continuously planned and purposefully spent to ensure the functionality of necessary infrastructure capacities (common roads, railway tracks, electrical installations, substations and lighting, water supply and sewerage network). IT and telephone infrastructure, maintenance of the perimeter fence, cleaning of the coastal waters in order to maintain the coastal depth required for berthing of ships, etc.).

In the area of ​​investments in port infrastructure, the last years were marked by the completion of planned investment activities within the capital development project of Trade and Transport Integration (ITT) which began in 2006 with the aim of creating preconditions for increasing capacity, efficiency, and quality of services along the southern part of the corridor. Vc, with emphasis on the port of Ploče.

At the moment, there are slightly more than 50 hectares of land in the Port of Ploče that is not yet covered by concession agreements, and the Port of Ploče Authority in its promotions seeks to present this fact in order to find the most favourable concessioner activity and generated additional port traffic. The availability of free space, especially in the coastal zone, for the development of new port activities is one of the special advantages of the port of Ploče compared to many other ports that face a lack of space for expansion.

The Port of Ploče Authority requires a high degree of care for the environment and ensures compliance with all environmental provisions prescribed by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the EU and international conventions in the field of environmental protection to which Croatia has acceded.

During the development of the port of Ploče as well as during the performance of port activities, it is necessary to continuously invest in environmental protection and take measures to prevent pollution of the port area, especially the surrounding protected areas and cooperation with the public and environmental entities. Controlled monitoring of the work of concessionaires and all users of the port area and insistence on mandatory environmental protection from pollution is one of the most important tasks for the Port of Ploče Authority.

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