Having in mind the growth of liquid cargo turnover in the port of Ploče in recent years as well as private sector investments in capacity building for petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas in the port area of ​​Ploče, the Port of Ploče Authority prepared a Feasibility Study investment profitable and profitable.

The construction of a new berth is one of the necessary preconditions that will enable the realization of all started and planned private sector investments in storage facilities for current cargo and lead to a significant increase in traffic and thus revenue of the Port of Ploče and benefits for all capacity users. unit of cargo and a significant increase in transhipment efficiency.

For many years, shipowners and terminal operators have been using a tanker berth which, due to its location in the Vlaška canal and many restrictive parameters, cannot accept larger tankers.

The location of the planned berth is north of the shore of the newly built bulk cargo terminal and will enable the mooring of ships up to 88,000 tons for oil derivatives and 58,000 tons for liquefied petroleum gas for the purpose of shipping and delivery of cargo to / from the market of the port of Ploče inland (Bosnia and Herzegovina , Central Europe…) as well as transhipment.

Project documentation is being prepared. After obtaining permits and securing the necessary funds, it is planned to conduct an open public procurement procedure for the construction of a new berth for liquid cargo as well as a tender for the selection of the most favourable concessionaire for the provision of mooring transhipment services.

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