The Integration, Trade and Transport (ITT) project


The Integration, Trade and Transport (ITT) project is part of the long-term development strategy of the Port of Ploče, which not only plans to develop in the field of traditional transhipment services, but also improves the entire business system. Adapt boards to the new business environment.

Namely, the port of Ploče, with its natural position, has a market advantage, according to which large investments and development projects, such as the ITT Project, are naturally imposed. The goal is for the port of Ploče to grow from a traditional port, as a crossroads of two forms of transport where transhipment and storage services are performed, into a port that will be recognized as a centre for an integrated transport logistics platform for international trade, especially the Pan-European Corridor Vc. the port of Ploče is the starting point.

Activities on the development project of the Port of Ploče, entitled Trade and Transport Integration Project (ITT), began in 2005, based on an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The ITT project was completed in 2016.

The Port of Ploče Authority was the holder of the ITT Project and in charge of part of the capital infrastructure investments in the Port of Ploče, all with the aim of strengthening competitiveness and market positioning of the Port of Ploče. The estimated value of the initial investment in the construction of infrastructure amounted to as much as one billion Croatian kuna, and the funds were provided from several sources. The largest source of financing was the World Bank with loans in the amount of 108.8 million euros, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Port of Ploče Authority itself.

Considering that the purpose of the ITT Project is to increase port capacities, efficiency and quality of services which strengthen the position of the Port of Ploče in the freight transport market (especially the one related to the traffic route of Corridor V.c), it includes several components or subprojects:

  • Container terminal
  • Bulk cargo terminal
  • Entrance complex
  • Port Community System

The terminals are built on the principle of public-private partnership, according to which after the investment of the Port of Ploče in infrastructure, the concessionaire Luka Ploče d.d. has the obligation to invest in transhipment equipment with which the terminals become operational, and the obligation to perform activities.

The container terminal was completed in 2010 and has been in operation since 2011. The construction of the bulk cargo terminal infrastructure was completed in 2016, and operationalization is expected in 2018, after the installation of the equipment procured by the concessionaire. The construction of the Entrance Complex has been completed, and the commissioning is planned after obtaining the use permit, at the end of 2017.

In addition to the above, the ITT Project included a number of other infrastructures works, among which are:

  • Construction of the protective building of Zone 4 (jiga)
  • Reconstruction of the main port road no. 1
  • Reconstruction of port road no. C1-B
  • Construction of a stormwater drainage system

With the realization of this capital investment, all preconditions are created for the development of the port of Ploče as one of the largest traffic, industrial and commercial centres in this part of Europe.

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