Operators of liquid cargo terminals in the port of Ploče are Adriatic Tank Terminals Ltd. and Naftni terminali Federacije Ltd.

The existing Liquid Cargo Terminal operated by Adriatic Tank Terminals Ltd. consists of a storage tank located on a floating object (barge), associated manipulative pipelines, and filling stations for tank trucks and wagons. Storage capacities for petroleum products amount to 24,000 m3, and for other liquid cargoes (base and vegetable oils, etc.) 11,000 m3, which is a total of 35,000 m3.

In 2016., Adriatic Tank Terminals Ltd. has built new capacities for storage of 50,000 m3 of liquid cargo (Group of 100 tanks) on an area of ​​12,844.00 m2, and by 2023 additional 260,000 m3 of liquid cargo storage tanks will be built on an area of ​​158,000 m2.

The existing Liquid Cargo Terminal operated by NTF Ltd. Ploče is located in the southwestern area ​​the Town’s industrial zone inside the port. Buildings, storage tanks and transfer station for petroleum products on an area of ​​150,000 m² are parallel to the right bank of the Vlaška canal at a 50 m distance from it. East of the Terminal’s fence is the transfer station for tanks, and the plant and buildings are northwest. Storage capacities of petroleum products is 80,000 m3.

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